There are many reasons why the terms of a Will can be disputed. If one or more of the beneficiaries are not happy with what is contained in the Will, they can petition the Court for a review. The party disputing the Will can claim mental incompetence, the age of the document itself or even state that the person was coerced into changing a previous Will.

Whatever the case, when an estate is disputed it can lead to a long drawn out and expensive process that is never beneficial to anyone involved. In many cases these estates are disputed until the estate itself is out of money from the legal fees and then no one receives anything.


Avoid Probate And Will Disputes


The easiest way to avoid probate or a disputed Will is to have your estate planned. Proper estate planning can help you distribute your assets as you desire and will leave little, if any, room for disputes. Estate planning will also significantly reduce any tax burden your family would have when closing your estate.

Working closely with Tulsa estate planning lawyers you can develop a plan that will protect your assets today as well as in the future. Your attorneys can help you set up trusts and structure your assets in a manner that is protective and beneficial. They can also help you create a Will that can stand up to any dispute and remains in compliance with all laws.

Tulsa estate planning lawyers recommend that anyone who plans on leaving any type of asset to another person have the right estate plan in place, regardless of how large the estate or asset. Everyone will benefit from proper estate planning, not just those with very large estates