The law is very specific when it comes to adulthood. Once you reach the age of maturity, 18 in most states, you are considered a legal adult. This means that as an adult you are now responsible for all decision making on your behalf. The law does not, however, take into account what happens to a disabled child once they reach adulthood.


A child with disabilities, regardless of how severe, will be considered an adult when they reach the age of maturity and will be responsible for themselves. This could present a problem for those who have severe disabilities or disabilities that prevent them from making life-impacting decisions.


Parents of children who fall into this category can help protect their children as they reach adulthood by establishing a guardian for their child when they are an adult. Guardianship can be granted to one of the parents, a family member, or anyone else that the family feels would properly care for their child.


Parents would need to work with Tulsa child custody attorneys to create a guardianship plan that would allow the child to have as much freedom as possible to care for themselves as an adult, but will also protect them when it comes to serious decision making. Guardianship can be established to a degree that meets the needs of the disabled child and can be revoked at any time if the family feels the needs of the child are not being met.


Tulsa child custody attorneys can help the parents create a plan that will benefit their disabled loved one. The ultimate goal will be to protect the rights and needs of the disabled child while keeping in compliance with the law. Working closely with an attorney will make this process quick and easy.


Every parent wants to make sure that their child is well taken care of, regardless of their child’s age or capabilities. Establishing a guardian for a disabled child as they reach adulthood is one of those ways that parents can ensure that their child is always protected.