It is a very common mistake to believe that if a parent is behind on their child support they are not entitled to have visitation with their child. Blocking a child from seeing their parent is considered abuse by the Court system and the custodial parent can find themselves in trouble.


It is very important to understand that the courts believe that it is beneficial for any child to have open access to both of their parents. While the court understands that it may not be possible for the child to live with both parents in the same home, they want to ensure that a child always can have access to either parent.


Establishing Paternity


There are many cases where a father is denied access to his child because paternity has not been formally established. This can easily be resolved through a paternity test and the correct court actions. If a father would like to establish guaranteed visitation rights with his child, he should contact a Tulsa paternity lawyer.


Your lawyer will help you go through the right channels to establish your parentage and establish your parental rights. They will also help you set up the right type of support for your child and establish a visitation schedule that is both fair to you and your child.


A Tulsa paternity lawyer can also be contacted if a father is having difficulties with visitation with his child. If the father is being denied access to his child, even if he is behind on support, he can work with an attorney to have his visitations reestablished. The mother does not have the right to deny access to the father unless the child is in danger.


It is always important for both parents to remember that the best interest of the children should always be placed first. Each parent has the right to interact with their child regardless of their financial responsibilities because it provides the children with the love and emotional support they need from both parents.