Guardianship is different than being a parent. Being a guardian is a legally appointed position that gives the person appointed the right to make decisions on behalf of the person they are “guarding.” A guardian can be a parent, but may also be anyone appointed by the Court.


If the person in need of a guardian is a minor, and the guardian is not the parent of the child, the guardian will be in charge of establishing parental rights and visiting times so that the minor can interact with their parents. This most likely will need to be approved by the Court depending on the situation.


Since guardianship and establishing parental responsibilities and visitation times can be a very emotional process, it is important that every aspect is done correctly. Working with Tulsa parental guardianship lawyers will ensure that the best interest of the minor is always first while still protecting the rights of the guardian and the parents.


Tulsa parental guardianship lawyers understand the delicacy in which this subject must be handled. They know that everyone is concerned with the best interest of the minor, but they also know that parents must be able to interact with their children. Because of this, each case involving this type of guardianship issue is handled with the greatest of care.


If you find that you have questions about parental responsibilities and visitations when a guardian is involved, you are encouraged to speak with Tulsa parental guardianship lawyers about your case. Your attorney will be able to advise you of your rights and the laws concerning your issue based on the facts of your case.