It is very important that a man understands that when he has been established as the biological father of a child he has specific rights as a parent. Paternity is more than just securing financial support for a child.

Child custody, rearing, living arrangements, and support must all be done to the “benefit of the child.” The Court will always place the best interest of the child above any other factor. The judge will review all information about the case, starting with when paternity was actually established, to determine what would be in the best interest of the child.

The judge will review factors such as how close the child is to either parent. They will review living arrangements, schooling options, and even proximity to extended family. Each factor will be considered before the Court approves any form of child custody and support arrangement.

Each parent has a specific duty to provide for their child. Child support and custody is not limited to the mother. If the father can provide a better living environment for the child and there is a healthy relationship between the father and child, the Court may see fit to give custody to the father.

If there are problems with establishing paternity or coming to an agreement about child custody or support, either parent can seek help from Tulsa paternity lawyers. A paternity attorney can help with all issues from requiring testing to establish parentage to helping negotiate the terms of child custody and support.

Tulsa paternity lawyers can also help when a person does not want to establish themselves as the biological father of a child. When this happens, the attorneys can petition the Court to demand that a test is taken to establish who the father of the child(children) is so that proper support can be established.