Divorce mediation is quickly becoming the preferred way to work through a complicated divorce process. Couples who are having a difficult time deciding on how to split assets, care and support for their children, or that are having any other divorce issues that they cannot solve may benefit from using a mediator.

In most cases, Tulsa divorce attorneys will suggest using mediation to negotiate a divorce if they believe it will reduce the time and costs associated with the divorce. Your attorney may also suggest a mediator if either side of the dispute is just being too uncooperative or there needs to be a third party to try to work out the situation.

Once a mediator is called, both parties and their Tulsa divorce attorneys will attend meetings scheduled by the mediator to address issues concerning the divorce. Mediators often set one or two small topics to settle per meeting. This helps both parties stay on topic and makes each meeting successful.

The mediator or the attorney will provide each party with a list of what is going to be discussed at the meeting and any information or documentation they are required to present during that meeting. Failure to comply with these terms often extends the proceedings and leads to higher costs for the divorce.

Once all of the issues are settled relating to the division of assets and debts, child and spousal support and a parenting plan is created, both parties will review the final document and sign the forms. The attorneys will then present this information to the Court. If the Court approves, the divorce will be granted immediately.

Divorce mediation is the best way to dissolve a marriage if you are willing to actively negotiate with the other spouse and are happy with the thought of not having to go to court to have each issue approved.