From the moment that a child is born, the biological father has specific paternity rights. These rights are not just limited to providing for the child. A father has the right to be an active part in the decision making regarding the child. This includes how the child is raised, religious beliefs, and school and sports issues.


A father also has specific rights to custody if the parents are not married. If the mother of the child does not have the ability to raise the child, if the father feels the child is in an unsafe environment, or if the child is being placed up for adoption, the father has the right to seek custody. Paternity rights grant him this ability to care for his child.


It is a very old-school way of thinking that only the mother has a say on raising and caring for a child. Fathers married or not, have the same rights as the mother once the child is born.


Paternity Issues


Any man that is facing issues with regard to his biological children has the right to seek legal actions against the mother. This may include any and all issues concerning his children. If a man legally adopts a child, he also has the same rights as a biological father.


It is in the best interest of the father to consult with a Tulsa paternity attorney about any issues that may arise concerning his biological children. This may include everything from establishing parentage through testing to seeking custody of the children in question.


A Tulsa paternity attorney will protect the rights of the father as well as seek to ensure that the interests of the children are met.