Probate is the process where a person’s assets are distributed after their death. In most cases, this process only concerns titled assets or those concerning financial institutions. Personal belongings are generally distributed through the Will.

The estate of the deceased person is managed by an executor. This person was appointed by the deceased person in their Will to take care of distributing their assets and finalizing their obligations. In some cases, an executor is appointed by the Court.


When Disputes Occur


Probate does not always run smoothly. Beneficiaries may feel as if they are not receiving what they should from the estate, they may disagree with how the executor is handling the estate, or there just may be a lot of confusion due to lack of estate planning. When this occurs, the disgruntled party usually hires an attorney.

Sadly, disputing an estate takes a lot of time and money. Many issues must be addressed to change what is written in a Will or change how beneficiaries are structured. In many cases, the estate spends more money on the legal actions than it does on any other part of asset distribution.


Avoiding Disputes


The easiest way a person can avoid having their Will disputed is through proper estate planning. Working with Tulsa estate planning attorneys can help you plan your estate in such a way that you reduce your tax burdens, secure your assets, and distribute them according to your wishes without issue.

Tulsa estate planning attorneys will help you create an estate plan that is in compliance with the law and has the lowest risk for probate disputes. Everyone, regardless of estate size will benefit from proper estate planning.