Divorce mediation is a type of divorce case that eliminates the need to go before the Court for approval for every part of the action. Mediation allows the couple to decide on all of the issues prior to approaching the Court to grant a Dissolution of Marriage.


Benefits of MediationThere are many benefits to using divorce mediation instead of a standard divorce format. Mediation allows both parties to communicate with each other on neutral ground to decide the division of their assets and debts, establish custody and visitation issues if children are concerned, and determine support amounts.

Any type of divorce can benefit from this type of negotiation style. You do not have to have a “friendly” divorce to enter into mediations. In fact, mediation is one of the best ways that a couple who is having a difficult time with their divorce solve the issues at hand.


Process and Cost

The process begins when one person in the couple contacts Tulsa divorce lawyers to learn about ending their marriage. After the person is interviewed, the attorney may recommend mediation. If both parties agree to mediation a contract will be signed and mediation will begin.

It should be understood that once a contract for mediation is signed, both sides of the party must remain in the mediation until the divorce is finalized. If the contract is broken, both parties will have to start the divorce process over again with new attorneys representing them. Any and all progress that was made up to that point in mediation will be lost.

Once mediation begins, the Tulsa divorce lawyers will arrange meeting times with specific agendas for the meetings. The couple and each of their attorneys will come to the meetings and begin negotiating the divorce. In most cases, the face-to-face interaction between both parties actually allows the negotiations to run smoother and faster than in traditional divorce settings.

When all issues are agreed upon and the attorneys review the information one final time to make sure everything is within the law, the attorneys will approach the court with the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. The Court will review the documents and grant the divorce in a short period of time.

The largest benefit to this type of divorce proceeding is that the costs related to the divorce are much lower. The meetings help the couple address each issue in a timely manner and this prevents extended time periods and lawyer fees that are common with other types of divorce actions.