A divorce can become very chaotic when one or both parties become emotional. Anger, disbelief, sorrow, or even revenge can drive the emotions of either party and these emotions can cause significant delays in the divorce process. Sadly, these delays cause even more emotional pain and hardships for either party.


Sometimes You Need A Mediator


When a couple decides to divorce, it may be in their best interest to enter into mediation. Divorce mediation is a type of divorce process that allows each party to negotiate the terms of their divorce under the guidance of a divorce mediation attorney.

Using a Tulsa divorce attorney to mediate the divorce negotiations can help the process stay on track and keep emotions at a minimum. Your attorney will guide you through the entire process and will make sure that every part of the negotiations is fair and in compliance with the law.

The divorce mediation will be set up in a series of meetings. Your Tulsa divorce attorney will provide you with a detailed list of things that you should bring to each of these negotiation sessions. Your attorney will also explain to you what you should expect during these sessions and what your best options will be to protect your rights.

Attending these meetings prepared and knowing what to expect in the negotiation process allows both parties to address these issues with less emotion and more readiness to finalize the divorce. If things do become emotional, your attorneys will simply agree to reschedule the meeting and both parties will return at a later date.

In most cases, using a mediator for your dissolution of marriage often helps the process move quickly and is more cost-effective for both parties. Prolonging the negotiation process only causes more emotional pain and drives up the costs associated with the divorce process.