When you are going through a divorce, many people opt for mediation as a way to settle the issues concerning the division of assets and debts and establishing guidelines for support and visitation rights for children. It is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to settle a divorce.

Divorce mediation generally runs very smoothly and quickly. However, when it comes to establishing child support and custody issues, the process can quickly become chaotic. Often, parents have differing opinions on what is right or what is fair for the children. This is when it is crucial to work closely with your Tulsa divorce attorneys.

Whatever is decided by the couple in terms of child support and custody, it must be in the best interest of the child. The Court will not approve any type of support or visitation plan that is not beneficial to the child or will lead to excessive hardships. The Court will not be interested in what is convenient or affordable or seems fair to the parents, they are only concerned with the well-being of the children.

To ensure that the Court will finalize your divorce, it is important to make sure all issues concerning the children of the marriage are considered beneficial to the children. Your Tulsa divorce attorneys will make sure that anything that you decide upon will be granted by the Court so that the divorce can be finalized.


Divorce Mediation Still Works Best


Even though deciding the issues concerning the children of the marriage can be difficult, using divorce mediation as a way to settle the terms of your dissolution of marriage is almost always the right choice. The process allows each party to state their views and present their case to the other without the costs and time consumption of taking each step to the Court for approval.