Acknowledging paternity for a child comes with many responsibilities. It also comes with many benefits. Establishing that you are the father of a child gives you certain rights when it comes to raising your child. This includes the rights for visitation and the ability to take part in important decisions regarding their upbringing.

Paternity also comes with obligations. If you are not married to the mother of the child, you will be required to pay support for your child. Child support is mandatory until the child reaches the age of a legal adult. Failure to pay this child support can lead to many legal problems for the father.


When Paternity Is In Question


Whether you are trying to establish that you are the father of a child, or that you are not the father, it is in your best interest to work with Tulsa paternity lawyers to prove your case. Your attorney will help you establish your parentage by having tests conducted and requiring that the mother brings the child in for testing also. Either way, your attorney will protect your rights.


Child Support And Custody


Establishing the parentage of a child also gives fathers the ability to seek custody of a child if they believe that it is in the best interest of that child. A father is not just responsible for paying support, they are also responsible for that child’s well-being. If a father believes that they are more fit to have custody of the child, it is their obligation to seek custody.

Tulsa paternity lawyers can help fathers establish custody of their children. They can help them prepare a case and meet all the requirements of the Court to show how they are the better fit to have custody of their child. These cases can quickly become complicated, which is why it is important to have an attorney on your side throughout the proceedings.