When a man is not married when his child is born, he will legally have to prove paternity to establish visitation rights. Establishing paternity is necessary to guarantee that the father has his rights protected in regard to raising his child.

In most cases, establishing parentage for the father is as simple as having both parents sign an acknowledgment of paternity and filing this legal document with the proper state authorities. However, if there are issues between the mother and father of the child, legal action may be necessary to establish the father of the child. If this is the case, the father can approach the Court and ask for a legal order for a blood test to establish his rights as the father of the child.


Parentage Can Be Established At Any Time


Until the child reaches the age of 18, establishing parentage of that child is possible. Situations occur where a man may need to establish his rights as a father long after a child has been born. This may be a little more difficult if the mother of the child is uncooperative.

If you are a man wanting to establish his rights as a father through parentage testing, you are encouraged to speak with Tulsa paternity attorneys about your situation. Your attorney can look over the facts of the case and guide you to the right legal decision to help you establish your parental rights as a father.

Tulsa paternity attorneys face many different issues concerning parentage. Because of their vast experience in this area, they will be able to help any man take the necessary legal steps to prove their parental rights and be granted visitation of their children.