When you have decided to handle your divorce through mediation, the first thing that needs to be done is to secure a divorce mediator. The mediator will play a very significant part in the divorce negotiations. Your Tulsa divorce attorney will make sure to select a mediator that meets all of the expectations of a professional mediator.


Qualities Of A Divorce Mediator:


Your divorce attorney will want to work with a mediator that meets or exceeds all of the following qualifications:


  • Experience. You will want to work with a mediator that has experience working in the divorce field. Mediators work in many areas of law. Seeking out one that specializes in divorce matters will be in the best interest of the client.
  • Fairness. Mediators must be impartial. You cannot have a mediator that favors one side over the other or has any type of personal agendas. It is essential to find a mediator that has a proven record of being fair to both sides, regardless of the issues and does not become personally or emotionally involved in the matter.
  • Timely. You will want to work with a divorce mediator that is not over-scheduled and can handle the case in a timely manner. One of the benefits of using divorce mediation to end a marriage is because it moves the process along much faster than your standard divorce proceedings.


Divorce Mediation Works


Using mediation to complete a divorce is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to end a marriage. The use of a mediator helps keep the process fair and ensures that both parties are heard and that both parties are treated with respect and fairness. Your Tulsa divorce attorney will help select a proper mediator for your case to ensure that your rights are protected and the process moves at a swift pace.