One of the best reasons for an unmarried man to establish paternity of a child is so that his rights as the biological father are not overlooked. Many people believe that the sole reason to establish parentage is so that child support can be established and paid. While this may be one factor, the more important part of establishing paternity is establishing themselves as the father.


As the biological father of the child, you have specific rights. You have the right to see your child on a regular basis and to interact with them as a parent would. You have the right to be part of any and all decisions concerning the raising of the child, including their schooling, religious beliefs, and their extracurricular activities. You also have a right to determine if they can move out of state.


Fighting For Your Rights


If you are an unmarried man who is trying to establish paternity to protect your rights, you may need to speak with a Tulsa paternity lawyer. In some cases, the mother of the child in question may not be willing to submit the child for a parentage test and it may be necessary to seek legal action to establish your rights as a father.


If you are facing a battle when it comes to establishing your right as a father, or if you have any other issues surrounding this issue, you are encouraged to work with a Tulsa paternity lawyer about your case. Your lawyer will be able to guide you on all of the information you need to establish parentage, take legal action on your behalf if necessary, and establish visitation and support rights once the tests have been completed.