Modifications to child custody orders are one of the most common, and most disputed, types of family law cases to go before the Court. Parents often have different points of view when custody is concerned, and many times the dispute must go to Court to be settled. Any part of a custody order can be modified, but the final modification must be Court approved.

The Best Interest Of The Child

One of the main reasons that the Court system must approve any changes to child custody agreements is because they must believe that any change is in the best interest of the child. There have been many cases where a change to the custody order was being requested out of spite or out of frustration against the other parent and not because it was a necessary change for the betterment of the life of the child.

To make sure that any and all changes made to a custody order are fair to the child and to both parents, it is always in the best interest of the parents to seek legal representations from a Tulsa child custody lawyer. Whether you are seeking the change or are trying to prevent the change from occurring, you will need quality legal representation to present your case to the Court.

Your Tulsa child custody lawyer will not only protect your rights as a parent but will also ensure that the best interest of your child is the first and foremost important detail of any requested change order.
Life changes on a daily basis and some of these changes may require you to change your child custody orders. If these changes do not adversely affect the children, the Court will approve them without issue. However, if there is any risk to the children from the changes, a solid case must be proven to the Court as to why the change should be made before any authorization will be granted. Working with an attorney will help ensure that your side of the case is heard so that the Court can make a sound decision.