Child custody is the legal term used to describe parental obligations to the upbringing of their child or children. Parents who are not married or who are divorced must establish the type of custody that they have over their children and the associated responsibilities.


Types Of Custody

Child custody is usually divided into two main categories: Joint Custody and Sole Custody. Most courts prefer to award joint custody if both parents are in good standing. This helps the child or children build a relationship with both of their parents and helps keep both parents involved in the upbringing. Even with joint custody, the child may live with one parent only as a way to establish schooling and maintain friendships; however decisions about schooling, medical care, religious beliefs and other important issues must be shared by the parents.

Sole custody is awarded for many different reasons. This gives one parent the authority to make all decisions for the child concerning their care and upbringing. Sole custody dopes not relieve the other parent from their financial obligations to the children.


Custody Issues

Custody issues can arise at any time when there are two non-married parents who are concerned for their children. Since a child is concerned, the laws require that any custody issues should be handled in court to ensure that the best interest of the children are always first in any decision.

If you are seeking to establish custody, change custody orders, or have any custody issues that you need addressed by the court, you should seek the assistance of Tulsa child custody lawyers. Your attorney can help you prepare necessary documents or prepare a case to present to the court regarding custody issues with your children.

Tulsa child custody lawyers can also help you if you are being asked to change custody orders against your will. Your attorney will help you present your case and show how current custody conditions are better suited to the best interest of the children involved.