The Statute of Limitations is a set of laws that sets a specific time limit for people to seek legal actions. These Statutes run in different lengths of time depending on the legal issue. Under Oklahoma law, people seeking to establish paternity have 18 years from the birth of the child. At the 18th birthday of the child in question, the Statute of Limitations runs out and legal actions can no longer be sought against the alleged father.


Proving That Someone Is A Father

It is very important that men realize that paternity can be established at any point in those 18 years from the birth of the child. Depending on the situation, a father who is asked to establish parentage will be held accountable for support if it is established that they are the father of the child.

In some cases, once parentage is established, the mother or guardian of the child may seek past support from the father. They will, however, seek current and future support until the child reaches adulthood.

If you are seeking to establish paternity, or if you are asked to submit to a test to determine parentage, you are encouraged to speak with a Tulsa paternity attorney about your rights.


What An Attorney Can Do To Help Your Case

Child support is a serious issue that the Courts will not overlook. The care and welfare of a child is always the main concern of the Court, but the rights of either parent often inadvertently overlooked. Having a Tulsa paternity attorney representing your case ensures that the rights of the parent are protected as well.

Additionally, if you are a parent seeking to establish the parentage of your child, you will benefit from the assistance of a Tulsa paternity attorney. Your attorney can help you prepare the necessary documentation to request or require a parentage test and any all the additional legal work regarding custody issues and child support once parentage has been established.