If you are going through a divorce, you may wish to consider a collaborative action. This type of dissolution of marriage allows you to work out all of the issues surrounding the ending of the marriage without Court interference. It is an effective way to end a marriage without extensive costs.

Another benefit of using collaboration is that it helps the process move quickly. Each of the former spouses can work through issues at the collaboration meetings and settle their differences in a timely manner. This allows the divorce to proceed quickly and both parties can part ways and begin their healing process.

What To Expect In A Collaboration Meeting

Since both parties have agreed to collaboration, the attorneys representing each client will provide a list of items that should be brought to each meeting. This may include financial records, asset and debt information, and information regarding the children such as school and medical records.

For a successful meeting, each party should come on time and have everything requested prior to the meeting with them. Once the meeting begins, the attorneys will address each issue that is to be discussed during the meeting and begin the negotiation process. Both former spouses must actively participate in the meetings for it to be a success.

Both parties are encouraged to approach these subjects honestly and with the intent of settling the issue. Using this approach will allow a lot to be accomplished during the meetings. If at any time things become emotional or come to a standstill, your Tulsa divorce attorney may ask for a short break or request that the meeting be rescheduled at a future time.

The amount of meetings necessary to complete the dissolution will depend on how prepared each party is at each meeting and how willing they are to negotiate. If the process runs smoothly, a dissolution may be finalized very quickly.

Once all the terms of the dissolution have been agreed upon, each Tulsa divorce attorney will draw up paperwork for the other party to sign and it will be submitted to the Court. Once the judge reviews the terms and finds them in order, the final paperwork will be signed and the dissolution of marriage will be complete.