Divorces are difficult for all parties involved. Emotions run high during this type of legal action, and there are many times that these emotions can get in the way of a quick and reasonable finalization of the dissolution. In an effort to help divorcing couples get through this process quickly and reasonably, many attorneys will recommend divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation allows the couples to approach each other in a non-confrontational manner and work out the terms of their divorce. Both parties will have their attorney with them during these negotiations, and a mediator is present to help keep both parties focused on what they need to accomplish during each meeting.


What To Expect During Mediation Negotiations

When you decide to use mediation as part of your divorce, you should expect the following to take place:

• Your Tulsa divorce attorney will provide you with detailed information about the topics you will discuss during each meeting prior to entering into negotiations.
• Your attorney will make recommendations on these topics that are in compliance with the law and in your best interest.
• Your attorney will enter the negotiations with you and speak on your behalf for many parts of the negotiations.
• Your attorney will review all the terms you and your former spouse have agreed upon before having you sign the finalization of your divorce.


Topics Discussed In Mediation

You will cover many different aspects during the mediation, including:

• Child support, custody, and parental rights and obligations
• Spousal support
• Division of assets
• Division of debts
• Future retirement benefits
• Any special circumstances.


Work With An Attorney

One of the main reasons that your Tulsa divorce attorney will recommend using the mediation process for your divorce is to help you settle this issue in a manner that keeps both parties civil towards each other. Mediation is cost effective, quick, and often results in both parties being very pleased with the outcome of their divorce.