Cases involving child custody can be individual legal actions or part of a divorce. It is a legal action which establishes the rights and responsibilities of each parent of the child. These types of cases are often very emotional and intense. Each parent desires the best for their children. However, getting the parents to agree on what is best may not always be easy.


What Is Established During A Child Custody Case?

In most cases, custody establishes the following aspects concerning the child or children:

• Type of custody each parent will have, such as joint or physical
• Visitation rights of the other parent
• Financial obligations of each parent
• Issues concerning education, religion, and similar concerns
• Medical obligations and issues

In some cases, there may even be stipulations for grandparent visitation rights for the parents of the non-custodial parent.


Tulsa Child Custody Lawyers Can Help

A custody case can come at any time that there are issues surrounding the safety and happiness of a child. Parents can seek legal action against the other parent if they feel that the child is not being cared for properly or if the other parent is not abiding by the custody terms.

Since these types of court cases are often very emotional for the parents, it is wise to seek legal representation from Tulsa child custody lawyers about your case. Your lawyers will work with you in negotiating with the other parent or represent your side of the case before the court. Your attorneys will also make sure that the best interest of the children is always the main concern of the action.