Divorce is a very trying time for all parties involved. There is a lot of emotions involved in divorce proceedings and in many cases, these emotions can hinder and prolong the finalization of the divorce. In an effort to eliminate this problem, many Tulsa divorce lawyers recommend mediation.


What Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation takes place when both parties of the divorce sit down with their attorneys and a third party and negotiate the terms of their divorce. The mediator is not associated with either attorney and has no connection to either party. Because there is no connection to the case emotionally, the mediator can work with both parties to settle disputes in the divorce and allow it to proceed to completion.

Many Tulsa divorce lawyers also recommend using divorce mediation as a way to reduce the time and expense associated with a divorce. When divorce proceedings are prolonged, the cost continues to rise. If all parts of the divorce can be settled in mediation, the dissolution can proceed at a quick pace.


What Can Be Settled In Mediation?

Some of the factors that can be settled in mediation include:

• Division of assets
• Division of debts
• Division of retirement assets
• Child support payments
• Child custody issues
• Child rearing issues
• Alimony payments

Other important issues may also be discussed during the mediation proceedings. The use of third party is not required in Oklahoma, but is often recommended. Speak with your attorney to determine if using a mediate or would be beneficial to your case.