Divorce is always a difficult and emotionally challenging time for the parties involved. This is always worse in cases where the spouses have children from the marriage. This is because some factors like; child custody, visitation, paternity and support among others must be considered.

The first step in divorce process is making a decision to divorce. Couples divorce for many reasons some of which include; domestic violence, infidelity, neglect, impotency and alcoholism and drug abuse just to name a few..

The next step is hiring an attorney. Without proper legal counsel, divorce proceedings may take a long time and you might not get a fair trial. Todd Alexander is a Tulsa divorce lawyer who has all the qualifications that make him uniquely experienced to handle your divorce case. Once you present your case to him, he will offer legal advice based on the facts at hand and your expectations.

The third step is choosing a way of resolving the divorce case. There are many options of settling a divorce case. In case of court trial, each spouse appears before the judge with their attorneys. All evidence is presented from both sides. The judge ends up making the final decision. This method is not one of the best ways. Todd Alexander advocates for mediation as a way of resolving a divorce case. Unlike in a court trial where the judge decides the outcome of a divorce; mediation enables a couple to work out their issues under the help of a mediator. Issues covered include; distribution of property, child support, custody, alimony, taxes among others.

Todd Alexander is a certified mediator who will help you get the best possible settlements while maintaining peaceful relationship. Mediation is one of the best ways of handling divorce proceedings because;

  • It saves time and money. This is because it normally takes a few hours to resolve the case.
  • Both spouses get to keep their personal life private.
  • The outcome of divorce is determined by the agreements between the spouses.

The final step in divorce is agreeing to a resolution from divorce proceeding.

Todd Alexander is a Tulsa divorce Lawyer who is skilled in mediation and is with you every step of the way.

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