How long does it take to get a divorce in Tulsa, Oklahoma? The state usually has a 90-day waiting period after a divorce filing. After that, the answer depends on you and your spouse. Are no children involved? Do both parties agree to the divorce and its terms? Under those circumstances, it is possible to end a marriage in Oklahoma in just 10 days. That is the fastest time and the most unlikely.


Divorce in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Marriages in Oklahoma, as in all states, generally have some kind of disagreement over the terms. The length of time for solving those issues depends on how wide the disagreement. For instance, one of the parties may refuse to agree to anything. In that case, the divorce becomes a matter for the court to decide, which may take some time, depending on the issues. If property and other financial matters are involved in the divorce, as your Tulsa divorce attorney will tell you, depending on what goes where and whose names goes on what may be a lengthy process.

Another often lengthy factor in a divorce is child custody. Who is going to care legally for the children and how much will the other spouse pay for their care? The usual 90-day waiting period may be waived by the court if these issues are involved:

* child abuse
* a parent has committed a prison felony
* a parent or parents have abandoned the child for at least one year

Going through the divorce process, even with aid of a Tulsa divorce attorney, is rarely easy and many issues determine its length. Anyone facing this process should take the time to do it right. That involves the right help and advice from someone who knows the divorce laws of Oklahoma and can make sure your rights and needs are protected. That involves the work of an Oklahoma divorce lawyer. If you are facing divorce in the state, call an Oklahoma divorce lawyer today.