When two people are married to each other, many courts consider any children born within that marriage to be children of the husband. In some cases, those children automatically have the right to inheritances, insurance policies and other items that would come to them through their paternal side. Both parents have custodial rights, as well. Such is not the case for children who are born out of wedlock. Paternity must be established or all parties could lose. The reasons that it is so important for the biological father to be established are:


Paternity Child Support

Child support is one of the biggest reasons that you have to establish who the father of the child is. The mother cannot receive support that she needs to take care of the baby until the father of the child is established either by self-admission and signed documents or by a blood test. Until that proof is brought to light, the courts cannot demand this person to pay any money.


Child Benefits

The child could lose out if paternity is not established because he or she will not be able to get benefits from Social Security if something happens to the natural father. Issues may arise for the child in terms of health insurance, as well.


Visitation Rights

A natural father has a right to see his child whether he is with the natural mother or not. However, he cannot demand his time unless he somehow proves that he fathered the child. A Tulsa paternity lawyer can help with the case. Sometimes all that is necessary is a blood test. Once the blood test proves that the male is the child’s father, then the Tulsa paternity lawyer can help him to place a legal request for the visitation arrangement that he wants.

A concerned father can contact an attorney today and request assistance with establishing paternity. The consultation is a 30 to 60 minute meeting during which the parties discuss the elements of the case. The attorney lets the person know if he or she can help, and then the prospect chooses to retain the attorney’s services.