At this time, almost 40 percent of all Americans who have thought about retirement planning have not made any arrangements for generating retirement income other than their Social Security. In most cases, the lack of planning is simply due to not having the right information about retirement planning.


Working With A Professional

When you are planning for your retirement, it would be in your best interest to work with an Oklahoma estate planning attorney. By working with an attorney when planning for your retirement you will cover every avenue of estate planning from making sure you are generating income to protecting and distributing your assets at a later time.

One of the things that your Oklahoma estate planning attorney will most likely cover with you are the different annuity plans that are available to help cover the costs of your retirement. Annuity planning would include which types of annuities would be most beneficial to your retirement plan as well as which companies to use and how much you should invest into this type of financial product.

Many people have avoided using annuities as part of their retirement plan because they have heard negative reports about them or just do not understand how they work. Truthfully, these people are losing out on a great source of guaranteed income that can supplement their Social Security checks and allow them to enjoy a better lifestyle in their retirement.

The largest mistake anyone makes is not finding out what an annuity can offer. Annuity planning should be a part of every retirement plan. If you are unsure about annuities or how they could be beneficial, you are encouraged to speak with an Oklahoma estate planning attorney on how annuities could be beneficial to you in your retirement.