Divorce is never easy, but it can be a less stressful ordeal if you get everything from asset distribution to child custody and visitation orders in writing. Custody can be messy to work out if you and your ex don’t work out a clear cut agreement that specifies everything from physical custody to who is paying for various expenses. The visitation schedule is crucial to work out quickly and without fighting because it is what is most important to all children involved.


Type of Schedules

The schedule that works best for you depends on the dynamics of your family. You can opt for one parent to have sole custody while the children visit the other parent at specified times, or you can work out a joint custody agreement where the children spend equal time with each parent. The schedule can be worked out on a weekly or monthly basis, but it should be consistent so your children know what to expect and have stability during the transition. If you’re unsure of how to proceed, you should seek the services of an expert in the field such as a Tulsa child custody lawyer.



Holidays can be tricky to work out. Some ways to work out holiday visitation can be every other holiday or alternating holidays on alternating years. An example is that you’ll get the children for Thanksgiving and your ex will get them for Christmas for this year, and then next year the schedule will reverse to give each parent time with the children on holidays. There’s always room for flexibility, but having a base schedule eliminates confusion and fighting.


Vacations and other activities

The schedule might need to change to accommodate certain events such as a sport your child is involved in. Some families allow the children to stay for a longer time period during school breaks and vacations with the non-custodial parent to balance the schedule out more.


Visitation stipulations

Don’t forget to specify things like who provides transportation to the other parent’s house or how changes are made to the schedule along with how much notice is required. It can benefit you to utilize the services of a Tulsa child custody lawyer to help work out the arrangement fairly.