Under any circumstances, getting a divorce is an upsetting time, and that includes in the State of Oklahoma. Certain requirements have to be met before the Oklahoma courts will even consider hearing a case. For instance, whether you are filing for divorce or are the defendant, you must be living in the state for at least six months. Oklahoma will allow you to file for divorce for one of two causes: no-fault and fault. A no-fault cause declares the two of you to be incompatible. A fault cause declares adultery, extreme cruelty, or other party’s imprisonment as one of several reasons for divorce.

The end of a marriage generally involves many court-supervised areas. Oklahoma has “equitable distribution,” which means that property must be divided in a fair, but not necessarily equal, way. There may be a question of support by one spouse to another. Alimony may be given by either spouse from the real and personal property that the court thinks is reasonable. Child support may be involved. The actual amount is decided by the court based on the gross income of both parents.

Every Divorce in Oklahoma, as in any state, differs from the other. The outcome of each divorce often results from the manner in which the divorce was filed. That means a law firm with an understanding of Oklahoma divorce laws and the compassion and determination to obtain the best results for its clients. The Todd Alexander Law Firm has both. If you are contemplating a Divorce in Oklahoma, call Todd Alexander. We know the laws and we can help.