While going through a separation or divorce that involves children, there are a few custody options that are available in the state of Oklahoma. Each agreement must give details about physical and joint custody instead of simply determining who the child will live with and who will pay support for the child.


Joint Custody

This is an option when both parents are considered stable for the child to stay with. It could be in terms of legal custody where parents make decisions in the best interest of the child, or it could relate to physical custody where the parents will have the child an equal amount of time during the week, month or year. A calendar is often created so that parents know of appointments for the child, special events and days when the child will stay with each parent.


Sole Custody

One parent will have custody of the child while the other will help to make decisions if deemed responsible by the court. This decision can relate to legal or physical custody instead of both aspects. The parent who does not have sole custody will often receive visitation with the child for a set number of hours or days each week or every other week.


Split Custody

This is an option for parents who have more than one child. One parent could have custody of one child while the other has custody of another. Each parent will be given custody of at least one of the children and help with making legal and physical decisions.



A different option for children and parents, birdnesting allows children to stay in one place while the parents will rotate to the location. This is an option that is rarely used as it’s often unsuccessful for many parents.

When going through a divorce, a Tulsa child custody lawyer can help you make the decision that’s right for you and your children.